Wedding Paper Flower Backdrop



My friends! I’m sharing an awesome set of paper flowers I made for a wedding table backdrop. I adore this bold combo of colors! It’s the same design as the last pink and gold set, but just different colors. Makes it look totally different!


So sweet! The table was used to hold bouquets, card box, bubbles, and the Polaroid for everyone to take a picture in front of the flowers. The pictures were added to cardstock for the guests to sign next to their pictures. Such an adorable idea!

Behind-The-Scene Pictures:

The following pictures show the back of the stand. Even though it’s not what clients see, it’s still important to keep it neat back there.

Introducing my new feet! The previous ones seen in my diy stand video were too long. They were easily tripped on if clients removed the table and used the backdrop for pictures. Even in the Ninjago backdrop pictures you could see the legs extend past the table. No bueno! Now with these shorter bad boys, the stand is still sturdy and versatile.

Here’s one I know most of you are curious about. The flowers are not pinned to the curtain. They droop and face down when they’re pinned. So, I hot glue them to a foam board that’s cut to the right shape. When the white curtain is behind it all, you don’t even notice the foam board! . . . The foam board is hanging on the bottom of the stand in this picture just while I organize and adhere the flowers. Once I’m done it goes to the top half of the stand.

That’s that, folks! I hope you enjoyed today’s late night post. Until the next project ❤
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Scrapbook Mini-Album for Couple’s Love Letters & Drawings


It’s Saturday, crafty world!!! 🙌

I’ve got an awesome video to share with you. It’s a scrapbook/mini-album made to hold love letters and drawings between a recently engaged couple ❤️💍 so cute!!!

Take a look and tell me what you think!?!

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Thanks guys! See you all soon 👋

Wedding Card Box



I’ve been dying to share this project. I video recorded the entire project from start to finish, but I’ve had trouble editing it 🎥🎬 ughhh.
This was for my Brother-in-Law and Sister-in-Law for their Black and White wedding in September of 2015.
The bottom two boxes are the largest size of the United States Postal Service. They’re free at your local post office!!!


The small top box is a kids shoe box. I cut the bottom of the middle box and the top of the bottom box so that the two boxes are hollow in the middle. This allows the envelopes to fall all the way to the bottom. The small to box on top is just for decoration, it is not connected to the inside of the bottom two boxes.
I wrapped 11 sheets of 12×12 scrapbook paper around each side. The top box has a lid that is wrapped individually instead of around the whole thing. I finished each individual box before hot glueing them all together.




I made mini boxes out of the same paper as the lid. It holds up the letters and flowers, but doesn’t stand out. The chipboard letters were from a $1 bin at Target. The paper flowers are from Prima. The picture below is viewed from the back.


I used strips from a diamond mesh roll for all 3 boxes for some bling 💎


My Sister-in-Law sent me this picture of the over flowing envelopes. SO AWESOME!


I loved making this box! I made one for my own wedding the night before my reception LOL it was simple and a lot smaller.


Thank you so much for visiting my blog!!! Lots of love & hugs ❤

Wedding Smooch!


Hello cutie patooties!!! I’ve missed you all! I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July holiday ❤

It’s been a little crazy around here LOL but I expect everything to return to normal. Today I bring you a sweet wedding card. I gave this card to my co-worker for her beautiful wedding day. Awww 🙂

BTW, this is the first of my Copic coloring to be added to a card. I hope you all ooo and ahhh over all this cuteness LOL

Wedding Kiss!

Inside sentiment

Wedding Picture Trays


Hello readers!!! This blog has recently undergone a major makeover. I’ve committed myself to post new projects every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY.

This is a goody and a favorite: These are cheap wooden trays I found at Dollar Tree (most useful finds at the local dollar store). Altered and hanging on hand-tied ribbon. The wedding is a co-worker’s. Gorgeous, isn’t she!?! She hung the set of three in her home. At only a $1 a piece I practically bought the whole shelf so I hope to bring you more!




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