Baptism Paper Flower Backdrop & Candles


Very happy Sunday folks! I Miss all of your faces ❤️

Below is a video I shared on my Facebook page (I post bonus projects on that feed). I made a backdrop stand out of PVC pipes. It actually worked! #PinterestSuccess 😆

Here is the end result!!! It all came together perfectly.

The flowers are attached to 3 separate white foam boards. The matte side, not the shiney side! You can’t tell because it all blends in with the white curtains. I did that so the flowers wouldn’t sag from just being pinned with a safety pin. Now they lay flat and don’t tear into the curtain. Which I broke out the sewing machine and sewed a sheer curtain on top of an opaque curtain so I can fit them both over one pipe.

I also decorated and personalized their baptism candles. One 3×8 and one 2×8 candle.

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I’m leaving you with this awesome picture of the Mariachi band with the flowers in the background ❤️ Blessed Sunday!

My Creative Workspace


Welcome!!! Today I bring you a tour of my craft “room”. Where I do my best brainstorming and creating. Technically, it’s not a room, it’s a closet LOL in our guest bedroom. Jerry and I live in a 2 bedroom apartment and have construction/decorating limitations. So, when I’ve got lemons I make lemonade!!!

I took down the folding wood doors, the closet shelf, the hanger rod, and shoved them in the back of another closet. Out of sight, out of mind! If and when we move I can easily re-install them. I’ve added detailed descriptions to each picture so that you clearly know what you’re looking at. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask 🙂 Enjoy!!!

Front View