Communion Candles


I love these First Communion candles I put together for my niece and Goddaughter ❤ The Arteza Premium Vinyl is a brushed gold. Which is trustworthy quality already, but for more measure I slightly melted the candle to really secure it in place.

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the crafty world!

Rebrand Launch!


AnnouncementMy sweetest friends! I have amazing news. Since 2013 I’ve blogged as “My Creative State of Mind”. I was never fully vested into that name, but it served me very well. Here I am in 2018 announcing my rebrand launch and debuting my new logo as:

MoonChin - OpaqueThe original logo was hand drawn by a local artist friend ❤

The name comes from my husband. Since our early dating stage he’s referred to my actual chin as a “moon chin”. It’s got a Jay Leno thing going on … Yes, we’re still married LOL 😆 it’s become a term of endearment. So when I was brainstorming for a brand name I needed something that resonated with me and my personality.

Thank you everyone that has stuck it with me. I’m excited to post my same crafty projects, just under an updated brand name. All of my social media links have been updated.

Lots of String!


Hey folks, it’s been a while. Lots of work and hardly any play 😖

Today I’m sharing my first attempt at string art. This one comes with a story …

A childhood friend of mine had a baby many years ago. When the baby was born I hand painted a wooden name plaque. It turns out that they’ve held onto the gift all these years ❤️ Her baby is now 15 years old! She contacted me and requested a new updated name plaque for his birthday. I was beyond honored to fulfill such a beautiful request.

Below is the original wooden name plaque. Clearly has 15 years of use on it.

Below is the new name plaque I created. Staying in tune with the original it has that hand painted feel to it. I had recently become obsessed with string art videos and thought I’d take a crack at it. The plaque is a bare wood display from Hobby Lobby. Use the 40% coupon! I used Varathane Wood Stain in the color Kona.

Below is a progress photo. I printed the name on a sheet of copy paper and nailed right through it. In retrospect I wish I HADN’T done that. After tearing the sheet off I sat there with tweezers trying to pull little specks of white paper that was caught under the nail 😣 super aggravating. Avoid doing that!

Hope you enjoyed this project! I’ve got two other posts coming soon! Muahhh 💋

Craft Desk UPDATE


Hello Friends! I’m super excited to share an update on my craft room. I’ve added another work surface and changed my stamp storage. Not a complete overhaul, but I just cleaned it and fell in love with it all over again! I think all crafters get excited and take pictures of clean work areas 😝
Here is a link to my original post showing you my craft desk: My Creative Workspace.


I purchased this large table from a clothing store that was shutting down in the mall for $50!!! I couldn’t walk away from such a deal.


It fit like a glove! My design paper storage slid perfectly underneath it. Two storage cubes sit on top with my solid cardstock and special paper pads. My cutting mat and large paper trimmer sit on it, as well. The containers on the right are my large sizzix dies, texture plates, sprays, and medium gels. My die cutting machine finally has an assigned spot that’s out of the way!


In my original post I had binders that stored my stamps. Nothing was wrong with that system, it worked. However, I fell in love with the fridge containers and Elle Pockets that Jennifer McGuire kept showing off. Love, love love! So much easier to use at home or travel to crops with. The dividers are heavy cardstock with labels. Easy peasy!


This is still the same as before, but I wanted to show how much more I’ve added to it! The top round spice containers are from IKEA and the rounds ones near the bottom are from Dollar Tree! Eh, the magnets aren’t as powerful, but they stay put.


Ta-da! Full view of my work space. I’m head over heals for it all. Everything is within reach. Having two different work surfaces is amazing! I don’t have to constantly move things out of the way when I bring my trimmer or scoreboard out. My Project Life layouts don’t get shoved around (because then I forget how I had it) when I’m trying to work on an individual card. Love it!
I thought about getting a stool for the taller table, but I’ve managed well so far without it.
Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for visiting!

Fun with the Glue Gun!


So, I keep seeing everyone use these adorable enamel dots and pearls on their cards and Project Life. Some at decent prices and some not. So what do we do!?!? YouTube it and then make it ourselves!!!
I have a small cheapie standard got glue gun, but it’s high temp so it does what I need it to. I just started globbing hot glue on my Ranger craft mat and tapped underneath it to smooth out the glue and any bubbles. Gave it a night to dry and slapped some nail polish on them. They popped right off the mat. I used my Cutter Bee’s to clean up any dried nail polish around the edge.
Voilà!!! Homemade enamel dots. When they’re on a project you can’t see any imperfections! Even if you did, it just adds to the curiosity 😉image



Can you even see a difference from homemade to store bought!?!?! (above).
These are super adorbs! I can’t wait to start adding that extra little something to my projects.

Bollywood Inspired Nails!


I love Bollywood anything and everything! Since forever. Movies, dance, music and especially the gorgeous bright colors in Sarees and other wear. Unfortunately, the only thing I can’t adapt to is the spicy food 😦

Here is my Bollywood inspired nail design … hey, I try lol … Love y’all!!! Keep coming back for more posts on Wednesday and Saturday!


Cling and Clear Stamp Storage


My sweet friends, I’ve missed you!!! I’m sooo sorry I disappeared on you and missed 3 post days 😦 but I’ve got a big, huge, ginormous project brewing!!! I’m undertaking 39 table centerpieces and 100 invitations, all HANDMADE. I’m super excited to show you very soon!

Until then, I’ve got some other cute projects upcoming. After showing you my awesome craft desk on the last post, I received a couple questions about my stamp storage binder (also note: all the picture links were fixed on that post and you can now click on them all. The fads for stamp storage changes often, but you have to choose something that works for YOU and your craft area. I love my binders!

Stamp Storage

Stamped on copy paper   Closed binder