My First Zentangle Everrr!!!

Hello my sweet loves! Yes, I know, today is Thursday. But I needed the extra day for this intricate piece. It’s my first Zentangle everrr!!! I mean, I doodle when I’m not really paying attention on the phone just as much as the next guy LOL. However, this took a lot more thought than that.

I drew this inside my art journal. A journal that has sat empty for years! (I can’t even remember how it got in my stash lol). It’s approximately an 8×6 in. journal with blank drawing paper inside. I used Claudine Hellmuth matte medium to glue 3 pages together to withstand any shredding from the permanent marker. For an awesome pattern resource click here. I used the fine point Sharpie Pen and a regular pencil for shading.

Please Enjoy!!! See you on Saturday for a tour of my craft “room” 😉

My First Zentangle

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